“A Moment In Time”

My Final Piece Of The Self- Portrait.



Hmong Girl – Process

Step- by- Step Process.  A Self- Portrait That I Render.  I Changed The Colors To My Liking.  Started During Winter Break 2016. Been Trying To Include My Culture’s Garment Into My Drawing Too.


A Piece I Did Summer Of 2016.  I Named This Piece “Reflect” Because I Want It To Be A Reflection Of All Of Me.  I Am Hmong. I Am An Artist.  A Photographer. A Child-like Character.  Last, But Not Least,  A Person Who Dreams.

Also, Fall Of 2016, I Showcased This Piece In The Show “Diverse Passions: Contemporary Hmong Perspectives” in BMU 3rd Floor.

Reflect daoart

Hi There!

Hello!  Welcome to my Dao Art page!  Here is where I will be posting up my latest artworks and my processes.  At first, I didn’t know where my passion in photographing and drawing would lead me to, but now, in a way, I feel like I can come to a conclusion of where I am.  My artworks are a combination of both.  And, of course, I would be adding a little taste of manga/anime style into it because they are what inspire and motivate me most.   Please feel free to comment or message me.