Spring 2018, my focus are Hmong Folktales.

Korean Illustrator, Wooh is popular for her “Fairy Tale Series” in which she depicts characters from popular Western fairy tales as ethnic Asians wearing Hanbok — Korean traditional clothes — or other Asian traditional clothes.  Though Wooh believes she arrived at success by chance, she is a unique illustrator with a background in two starkly different fields — oriental art and Western-style digital illustration. Wooh is currently working on an illustrated guide for Hanbok which aims to provide illustrators and designers with a more practical understanding of the traditional clothes so that they can draw Hanbok more easily on their own.  The Korean illustrator said she wants to keep working on the fairy tale series, though she is currently too busy with commissioned projects to fully devote her time to her personal artwork. The new work will also include characters dressed in the traditional clothes of other Asian countries such as China and Japan.



The Dragon’s Bride

Yer and the Tiger

Nkauj Zuag Paj

Sun and Moon/ Nkauj Hnub thiab Nraug Hli

Nkauj Hnub thiab Nraug Hli

The Promise/ Lus Cog Tseg


(First Inspiration)

Linda Vang


Between Two Worlds – Spring 2018

My artworks got accepted into the BMU 3rd Floor Gallery at Chico State.  It begins with my Professor J. pushing me into writing a proposal.  I actually didn’t want to, but since it was going to be my last semester, I gave it a shot. I didn’t think that I would get in.  When the news came to me that I got accepted, I was conflicted.  There was a part of me that wants to do it and another part of me that didn’t.  Then, I turned to look at Snow, my little Pomeranian that I just got and finally decided that I will do it.  Doing a solo show is something that I always wanted to do, if I don’t do it now, I don’t know when or where I will have another chance like this. And, even though everything was such a rush as to I’m the first artist to showcase, I’m glad that I did.

I want to thanks J. for pushing me into writing the proposal for the BMU 3rd Floor Gallery.  I want to thanks Tom and Nannette for always supporting me and helping me grow in photography and digital media.  I want to thanks Marilyn, Tim, and AS crew/staff for making my show happen.  I also want to thanks my brother Yee for coming out to help me install my show.  I want to thanks my family, friends and everyone who came tonight to support me and thanks to those who congrats me privately.  Thank you!

A little about what inspired me.  I started out as an English major, but it quickly went downhill.  I became very depressed about what I want to do in life and so, I took on photography since it was something that I have always wanted to do.  It was a way for me to see the world differently.  I started out as a portrait photographer.  I eventually comes to hate it because soon it wasn’t about the memory anymore, but fake smiles.  I stopped being a portrait photographer.  Now, I am more of a landscape photographer.  I love the beauty in nature because there are no lies.  Only Truths.

However, within myself I feel like something was still missing.  I want to do something with all these landscape photos so that they will become meaningful.  I eventually remember a time when I was at my weakest point mentally and my sister, Yer introduced manga and anime to me.  I remember that moment like it was yesterday.  It was like manga and anime have saved me from these monsters that was trying to eat up my soul.  And, so I want to thanks my sister Yer for introducing me to manga and anime.

From there, I started drawing digitally on my landscape photos.  And, each piece represent a little bit of myself because with photography, manga and anime combined, I feel more complete.

Thanks everyone who supported me and help me grow as I continue this passion of mine.